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Adorable Girl with Pediatrician

Paediatric & Adolescent Care

  • Childrens and babies health care

  • Immunisations 

  • Health checks

  • Acute and chronic health care


Obstetric and Perinatal Care

  • Antenatal share care

  • Pre-pregnancy planning

  • Postnatal care


Skin Checks and procedures

  • Skin cancer examinations

  • Mole checks and dermatoscope examination

  • Skin excisions for skin cancers

  • Procedures for skin cancers, cysts, warts

  • Cryotherapy with liquid Nitrogen

  • Acute care for lacerations

  • Wound and ulcer management and dressings

  • Acne Management

  • Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema



Range of procedures including

  • Intravenous Iron Infusions 

  • Ear syringing

  • Fracture management

  • Ingrown toenail and abscess management


Special Investigations

  • ECG

  • Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)

  • INR Testing (Point of Care monitoring - instant result)


Chronic Disease Health Care

  • GP Health Plans, Team Care Arrangements and 

funded allied health referrals (for eligible patients)

  • Chronic disease management including:

    • Diabetes management

    • Asthma and COPD management

    • Hypertension and heart disease

    • Arthritis

    • Gastointestinal health

  • Nurse education and support


Preventive Care and Health Checks

  • Infant Health checks

  • Postnatal checks for mother and baby 

  • Annual senior health checks for patients aged over 75 years

  • Annual Health checks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients

  • Health check for patients aged 45-49


Women's Health & Family Planning

  • Cervical Screening (pap smears)

  • Contraception advice and prescriptions

    • Implanon insertion and removal

    • IUD (Mirena) removal

    • Depo injection

  • Menopause health care including HRT

  • Osteoporosis management

  • Sexual health, STI testing and management

  • Fertility assessment and management


Aged Care

  • Chronic disease and complex health care

  • Immunisations

  • Annual health checks


Closing the Gap

  • Annual Health Checks

  • Immunisations

  • Acute and chronic health care


Mental Health

  • GP Counselling

  • Mental Health Care Plans

Desk with Stethoscope
Doctor's Visit
Pediatrician Examining Infant
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