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Seacombe Medical Centre provides a number of options to assist you with your obstetric care.

We can assist you and your partner with pregnancy planning and any fertility concerns. If you have a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes, or take regular medications, we recommend medical review before pregnancy to optimise your health. Once you are pregnant, we suggest you make an appointment to confirm the pregnancy, arrange routine investigations and discuss the options for antenatal care.

1. Antenatal Share Care with GP and a Public Hospital

Most of our GPs are trained and accredited to provide antenatal share care in coordination with a public hospital. In our area, this is usually Flinders Medical Centre, however if you live closer to the city this might be the WCH. Generally most antenatal visits occur at Seacombe Medical Centre and you will have visits at FMC Obstetric Clinic at about 14 weeks and 36 weeks of pregnancy. If you haven't had your baby by 40 weeks you will be seen by FMC Obstetricians to organise ongoing care. Your baby will be born at FMC and postnatal checks will occur again at Seacombe Medical Centre. We coordinate closely with FMC and you will have access to their antenatal classes and expert obstetrician advice throughout your pregnancy. 

2. Private Antenatal Share Care with a Private Obstetrician and GP

We can organise referral and let you know which Obstetricians are involved with share care. If you have private health insurance this combines the specialist care of an obstetrician with the convenience and continuity of having some of your antenatal visits with your GP. Your baby will be delivered in a private hospital with your Obstetrician.

We can also recommend and refer you to the other antenatal options:

3. Antenatal Care at a Public Hospital

All visits at FMC Obstetric clinic or Noarlunga midwife group practice.

4. Private Antenatal Care with a Private Obstetrician

We can organise referral and let you know which doctors deliver at the local private hospitals.

Additional information about obstetric care options is available by clicking the link below.


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