influenza immunisation program 2020

Influenza (flu) vaccine is recommended every year to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill with the flu. People in South Australia were infected with Influenza in large number in 2019. The details of the 2020 influenza program are not available from the department of health yet. We anticipate that the program will commence around April 2020 and we will update our website when a date is confirmed.

The SA Health Infectious Disease Department will advise on the best timing for influenza vaccination for 2020. It needs to be early enough to protect from influenza season, but not too early that the protection will lessen before the peak of influenza season.

Having your immunisations in a general practice is very safe. We are highly trained specialist GPs and Registered Nurses with many years of training and experience dealing with emergencies such as the small risk of an anaphylaxis reaction. If you are having an immunisation at a different location, consider whether they have doctors and experienced registered nurses on site.

If you are eligible for funded vaccines, these are only available in general practices, and you will not need to purchase the vaccine first. Otherwise, due to regulations, please contact us for a prescription prior to your appointment with our nurse.

Below is the information relating to the 2019 program


The strains of flu virus can change year to year, so a new influenza vaccine every year is required. 

If you are eligible for a FUNDED immunisation, then make an appointment with our nurse by calling 8296 0122 and we have the state funded vaccines at Seacombe Medical Centre.

If you are NOT eligible for a funded immunisation then you will need to ask for a prescription and purchase the vaccine and bring it to your appointment with our nurse. Please bring the vaccine directly from the pharmacy to keep it at the correct temperature.

As part of the Annual Influenza Program, government funded flu vaccination is available at Seacombe Medical Centre for the following people:​

  • everyone aged 65 years and over

  • all pregnant women (including those in the first trimester)

  • all young children aged 6 months to 5 years of age

  • all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months and older

  • people 6 months of age or older with the following underlying chronic medical conditions:

    • cardiac disease

    • chronic respiratory conditions including severe asthma

    • other chronic illnesses requiring regular medical follow up or hospitalisation in the previous year, for example, diabetes, chronic renal (kidney) failure, chronic metabolic disease and haemoglobinopathies

    • chronic neurological conditions that may impact on respiratory function including multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, seizure disorders and other neuromuscular disorders

    • people with impaired immunity, including HIV infection, malignancy and chronic steroid use

    • children on long term aspirin therapy


Your doctor may also recommend you have a flu vaccine if you are part of the following groups. We can prescribe the vaccine and it can be purchased at a pharmacy and our nurse or doctor can administer it.

  • health care workers

  • anyone who works in a nursing home or aged care facility

  • anyone who lives in a household with a person who is in a high risk category

  • people providing essential services, eg police or ambulance officers

  • travelers

  • staff working in early childhood education and care

  • anyone providing care to homeless people

Please call and speak to our friendly reception staff if you have any questions.

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