fertility information

All of our GPs can discuss pregnancy planning with you and your partner.

They can

- discuss any fertility concerns 

- provide information to assist achieving a pregnancy and

- organise initial investigations for you and your partner if indicated 

- arrange referral to specialised fertility services

Dr Cathy Peterson provides a fertility service that is an alternative to specialised IVF based on education and natural fertility. She is an accredited Fertility Care Medical Consultant using the science of NaProTECHNOLOGY™ to assist couples with infertility to conceive naturally. These services include:

  • Infertility assessment and management for men and women

  • Fertility Awareness education

  • Education for natural contraception

  • Management of threatened miscarriage

Dr Peterson provides advice on natural contraception, but she does not prescribe hormonal contraception such as the pill or contraceptive implants or IUDs.