Caring for you and your family

Seacombe Medical Centre is a fully accredited general practice that has provided comprehensive medical care to individuals and families for over 40 years.

From our doctors to our nurses and our support staff, we are committed to ensuring you receive the very best of care. 

Our family medicine experience

Your peace of mind

All of our doctors are specialist GPs. They are vocationally registered with the Royal Australian College of GPs and each doctor has completed more than 10 years of training to specialise in family medicine. Our GPs have additional qualifications and participate in the RACGP continuing education program.

Our nurses Terrie, Stacey, Lisa, Liz, Beth and Jackie are all experienced registered nurses and they are an important part of your health care. We generally have 2 nurses available each day who are experienced in a large range of services including wound care, diabetes and asthma management.

Childhood immunisation is one of our specialties and our nurses help ensure this process is as straight forward and calming as possible for your child.

Our friendly reception staff Jenny, Mel, Sharon, Sarina and Lani and manager Kerry can assist you with all of your questions and organise appointments with our GPs and registered nurses. They provide reception duties, billing and minor first aid.

Independence you can trust

Seacombe Medical Centre is an independent general practice with no financial relationship with corporate medical centres, radiology, pathology companies, pharmacies, hospitals or medical specialists. You can be assured that your health is our top priority.



Our team of highly trained doctors and nurses offer a wide variety of comprehensive health services for our patients delivered with care and compassion. We provide care for both acute and chronic health issues as well as preventive and family care. 

Preventive Care and Health Checks


  • Health check for babies and young children

  • Postnatal checks

  • Annual health checks for patients aged over 75 years

  • Annual Health checks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients

  • Health check for patients aged 45-49

All medicare funded health checks are bulk billed for eligible patients

Paediatric & Adolescent Care


  • Children and babies health care

  • Immunisations (we usually have 2 nurses available to improve the experience for your baby)

  • Health checks

  • Acne management

  • Acute and chronic health care

All patients aged 15 years and under are bulk billed

Skin Checks & Surgical Procedures

  • Skin cancer examinations

  • Procedures for skin cancers, cyst, warts, abscess, ingrown toe nails

  • Cryotherapy with liquid Nitrogen

  • Acute care for lacerations and minor fractures

  • Wound and ulcer management and dressings

  • Ear syringing

Obstetric and Perinatal Care

  • Antenatal share care

  • Pre- pregnancy planning and fertility review

  • Postnatal care

  • Threatened miscarriage treatment

Antenatal care is bulk billed for women enrolled in the public antenatal share care program

Chronic Disease Health Care


  • GP Health Plans, Team Care Arrangements and funded allied health referrals (for eligible patients)

  • Diabetes management

  • Asthma and COPD management

  • Hypertension and heart disease

  • Arthritis

  • Gastointestinal issues

  • Hepatitis C treatment

  • Nurse education and support

and many more!

We have a reminder system to assist patients stay up to date

Women's Health & Family Planning

  • Cervical Screening (pap smears)

  • Contraception advice and prescriptions

  • Implanon insertion and removal

  • IUD (Mirena) removal

  • Depo injection

  • Menopause health care including HRT

  • Osteoporosis management

  • Sexual health, STI testing and management

  • Infertility assessment and management*

  • Fertility Awareness education*

  • Education for natural contaception*

Travel Medicine


  • Travel health advice

  • Immunisations

  • Health summary and medication letters

Specialised Investigations & Infusions


  • Intravenous Iron Infusions

  • ECG

  • Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)

  • INR Testing

    • (Point of Care monitoring - instant result)

Men's Health


  • Men's physical and mental health care

  • Sexual health, STI testing and management

  • male infertility assessment and management*

Aged Care

  • Chronic disease and complex health care

  • Immunisations

  • Annual health checks

  • Individualised health care

  • GP Management Plans & Team Care Arrangement

Closing the Gap


  • Annual Health Checks

  • Immunisations

  • Acute and chronic health care

Mental Health


  • GP Counselling

  • Mental Health Care Plans

  • Facilitate referral to mental health services



Dr. Tim Slimming


Dr. Helen Parry


Dr. Susan Wells


Dr. Krista Maier


Dr. Catherine Peterson


Dr. Craig Milloy



Online Bookings


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Additional appointments available by phone booking




Please call 8296 0122 for an appointment

Appointments are generally 15 minutes in duration.

Advise our receptionist if you think you need a longer or shorter consultation. 

Emergency consultations are given priority and every effort will be made to organise a time.

Longer times are generally required for the following:

  • Mental health consults 

  • Full health checks and Health Plans

  • Centrelink paperwork

Elective surgical procedures require an initial planning consult with your doctor.

After Hours:

Phone 8296 0122, if we are closed our answering machine will provide after hours contact phone numbers for either one of our doctors or the locum service available 24 hours a day. Always call 000 for emergencies requiring an ambulance.

Repeat Prescriptions and Referrals

To optimise your health, appointments are required to review and prescribe medications as well as organising new and ongoing referrals. Medicare rules mandate that  referrals cannot be backdated.

Test Results

follow-up appointment to discuss test results is required unless otherwise advised. However results of cervical screening are usually available by phone.

Telephone Access

GPs are unable to take phone calls during consultations hours except for emergencies. Our reception staff are available for non urgent matters.

We provide a free Reminder System

Our practice is committed to preventive care. We may send you reminders appropriate to your care. Please let us know if you wish to opt out.

A free interpreter service is available, please let our receptionist know at the time of organising your appointment so we can arrange this.


Pricing Information

Seacombe Medical Centre provides no gap consultations (bulk billed) for the following (See below for changes to pricing from January 1st 2020): 

  • Children aged under 16

  • Antenatal care appointments for women enrolled in the public share care program

  • Veterans with Gold card

  • Annual health checks for patients aged over 75

  • GP Health Plans for pensioners

We are unable to provide bulk billed services for other consultations because of the prolonged freeze on the Medicare rebate. The Commonwealth Government will also reduce the Medicare 'bulk billing incentive' for pensioners and children in January 2020 making it even more difficult for medical centres to bulk bill consultations. Despite these challenges, our fees are lower than the Australian Medical Association’s recommended rates.

Concession fees are available for Pensioners and Health Care Card holders. A standard consultation is $57 and Medicare can reimburse $38.20 to your bank account (July 2019). Annual health checks for patients over 75 years and some nurse appointments are bulk billed.

A standard consultation for adults is $71 and Medicare will reimburse $38.20 (July 2019).

Payments can be made by cash, EFTPOS or credit card and Medicare can deposit the rebate into your designated bank account within 48 hours. Additional information is available from our reception staff.

Changes to pricing from January 1st 2020:

The billing policy at Seacombe Medical Centre will be changing from January 1st, 2020. Because of significant cuts to Medicare support for bulk-billing, we have decided that our billing policy needs to change in order to allow us to continue to provide quality care in a sustainable way.


From January 1st, 2020, we will continue to provide bulk-billed consultations to children 15 years and younger, to DVA Gold Card holders and to ATSI patients enrolled in the Closing the Gap scheme. Some consultations involving health assessments and management plans will continue to be bulk billed, at the discretion of the GP.


Our fee structure remains competitive, with gap payments for privately billed consultations less than those of the majority of other practices that are facing similar Medicare cuts. We will continue to offer reduced gaps to patients with current pension and Health Care Cards.


We would encourage you to discuss our policy with the doctors or practice manager if you have any specific concerns.



PHONE 08  82960122


Our Address

44 Miller Street

Seacombe Gardens  SA 5047

Fax: 08 8296 0225

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday     8.30AM – 5.30PM

Tuesday                    8.30AM – 6.00PM

Saturday                   8.30AM – 12.30PM


Conveniently located in the inner southern suburbs of Adelaide. Just a short walk from Westfield Marion, and short drive from Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University. We are close to public transport and there is plenty of free parking available.


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